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Kazakhstan attracts new investment from France

... agreement during the Kazakh-French Investment Forum taken place on 8 ... . So, the company’s direct investment in the Kazakh economy will ... measures in creating a fovourable investment climate. According to Co-Chair ... Darricarrere, the effective measures in investment protection and encouragement contributed to ... involving the companies with high investment capacity. France is among Kazakhstan ... 5 trade and investment partners, with France’s investment exceeding $12.5 ...

Modified: 10/09/2019
Kazakhstan , investment , France

Kazakhstan’s agriculture sees 50% investment growth against low output growth

... share was 4.7%. Meanwhile, investment in agriculture keeps on growing ... January-August this year fixed investment has totalled at 263.7 ... billion tenge). 2018 alone saw investments worth 395.6 billion tenge ... ) channeled into agriculture. Nearly all investment flows are allotted to developing ... (211.2 million tenge). Most investments in agriculture are found in ... billion tenge) of the total investment. Atyrau region has seen the ... considerable fall in agriculture investment – a 65.4% fall within ...

Modified: 10/03/2019
agriculture , Kazakhstan , livestock , crop production , investment

Investment in health and social services saw an 8.2% rise in January-August

... year a total amount of investments channelled into health and social ... billion tenge). The share of investment in health care of total ... executive bodies see demand for investment in infrastructure development and procurement ... , 833 billion tenge through private investment. He went on to say ... plans to carry out large investment projects, including construction of 15 ... Kazakhstan leads in terms of investment in health care and social ... 4.7 billion tenge respectively. Investment in health and social services ...

Modified: 09/27/2019
investment , healthcare

Investors from Serbia to invest KZT 80 bn in construction sector of Nur-Sultan

... are created for a favorable investment climate. So, according to the ... ”. The assessment also includes the investment rating of the city.

Modified: 09/27/2019
Kazakhstan , Serbia , investment

Nur-Sultan hosts 2019 KSP Regional Seminar in Eurasia

... centers on the fields of investment and trade. The Knowledge Sharing ... Korea to boost trade and investment cooperation with Eurasian countries. It ...

Modified: 09/25/2019
investment , trade

Baiterek Holding fosters collaboration with American business

... JSC – starts attracting venture investments to Kazakhstan by signing a ... fund with the American venture investment fund, Strategy2050.kz refers ... is a venture capital investment fund formed by one ... least $ 2million will be invested in Kazakh startups. The fund ... $150 million. The main investments of the fund will be ... that the priority sectors for investment will be IT projects, ... world market and attract foreign investment in the country”, Chairman ... which 4 are global, investing in startup projects around the ...

Modified: 09/25/2019
investment , baiterekholding

Investment in education keeps decreasing in Kazakhstan - research

... 111.3 billion tenge of investment was directed to the education ... The share of the total investment in Kazakhstan amounted to 1 ... tenge. The share of investment in education in 2018 was ... , the largest amount of investment in education was directed to ... for almost half of all investment aimed at education in ... of the total). The least investment in education were directed to ... tenge) regions. Decrease in investment in education is observed across ... funding. The largest amount of investment falls on budget funds: ...

Modified: 09/23/2019
investment , education

China invested $1.5 bn in Kazakhstan’s economy

... US dollars). Since 2015, investment flows of China to Kazakhstan ... liabilities was formed through direct investments, which amounted to 9. ... (lending, leasing, project, mixed investments, etc.) reached 6.2 billion ... US dollars, and portfolio investments reached only 464.8 thousand ... US dollars. Portfolio investments are highly beneficial for the ... independently regulate the terms of investments. Nevertheless, they are not ... became AIX shareholders. Domestic investment flows into the economy of ...

Modified: 08/29/2019
investment , economy , Kazakhstan , china

Investment in nation’s health: capital contributions in health service increased by 13% in a year

... of 2019, the volume of investment in health and social services ... than 1% of the total investment in fixed assets in Kazakhstan ... , energyprom.kz informed. Investment growth in the same period ... .9%. The main source of investment in health and social services ... - 10.9 billion tenge). Meanwhile, investment from the local budget decreased ... ;, Aiypkhanova said. The increase in investment in healthcare and social services ... regions account for 50% of investment in healthcare and social services.

Modified: 08/27/2019
investment , health

Loans for domestic business financing decreased by 30% in the past 5 years

... words, the financing of investment activities of the enterprises consists ... are: - the establishment of the Investment Attraction Coordination Council; - the appointment ... Minister Askar Mamin as the investment ombudsman for coordination and ... contract (for the implementation of investment project) regarding the applicable contract ... taxation and the improvement of investment environment to the Interdepartmental Commission ... of direct and portfolio foreign investments attraction, including through the ...

Modified: 08/23/2019
projects , investment , Kazakhstan

1st investment project in educational sphere: Singapore to build schools in Kazakhstan

... . It is the first investment project in the educational sector ... in terms of concluding the investment contract, land acquisition and ... inked at the Kazakhstan-Singapore Investment Forum Nov. 21, 2018. ... investors. Understanding the importance of investment for our economy, we have ... Coordinating Council for attracting foreign investment, I have been assigned the ... arising in the course of investment activities and effectively interact ... the KGIR-2019 (Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable), held in May. ...

Modified: 08/15/2019
education , investment , Singapore , Kazakhstan , KinderWorldKazakhstan

KAZAKH INVEST - central front office supporting investors

... rules for interaction when attracting investments. The mechanism for working with ... advice and presentations on the investment opportunities of the country, providing ... arising in the course of investment activities, as well as interacting ... form and method of attracting investments, but a different and completely ... at all stages of the investment project, timely resolution of emerging ... the country's investment policy. At the regional level ... s leadership to improve the investment climate in Kazakhstan.

Modified: 08/14/2019
KazakhInvest , investment , invesotrs , singlewindowprinciple

Kazakhstan and Japan seek investment opportunities

... the steps towards a sound investment climate and the capacity-building ... the progress of the current investment projects in Kazakhstan. Nippon Express ... support the Kazakh initiatives on investment cooperation between the countries. The ... , the Foreign Ministry’s Investment Committee and Kazakh Invest National ...

Modified: 08/05/2019
Japan , investment , Kazakhstan

Asian countries’ interest in investment coop with Kazakhstan rises

... potential of the trade and investment cooperation between the two ... , the influx of Japanese investments to the Kazakh economy totaled ... in Kazakhstan. The industrial-investment cooperation is a new driver ... introduced to the efforts towards investment climate enhancement and entrepreneurship legislation ... of Kazakhstan’s direct investment fund, which implements large, ... on the principle of co-investment with foreign investors. China ... by 2018. China is largely investing in transport and warehousing, ...

Modified: 06/27/2019
Japan , investment , china

India invested in Kazakhstan $317 mln

... the key trade, economic and investment partners of Kazakhstan in South ... gross inflow of foreign direct investment from India into the Kazakh ... Forum and the III Global Investment Round Table, during which a ...

Modified: 06/17/2019
investment , india , Kazakhstan

Japan brings in quality to Kazakhstan

With the Investment Committee and the Kazakh Embassy ... also among the ten large investing countries in Kazakhstan, with Japanese ... investments of 5.8 billion U. ... between 2005 and 2018, while investments of 403 U.S. million ... to promote and mutually protect investments. Japanese investors have implemented projects ...

Modified: 06/11/2019
cooperation , investment , Kazakhstan , Japan

Kazakhstan, Germany step up trade and economic cooperation

... working group. Investment climate and economic conditions Investment climate and ... intellectual property protection. 4 investment projects involving German capital ... to encourage investments geared towards a favorable investment climate, an ... improved investment infrastructure and collaboration ... widespread implementation of joint investment projects and to greater ... Kazakhstan protects business and investments Tokayev: Investment - basis of economic growth ...

Modified: 04/15/2019
Kazakhstan , investment , Germany

The Netherlands brings investments and new technologies to Kazakhstan

... the government policy to attract investments, the Foreign Ministry informed. ... Council for Improvement of the Investment Climate of Aktobe region. ... s Eximbank, with Food Ventures investing in constructing Green Capital Kazakhstan ... attaches special attention to attracting investments. Every condition for investors has ... Ministry started up with attracting investments and expanding export coordination functions ... the government policy to attract investments. Regional investor service front offices ...

Modified: 04/08/2019
Kazakhstan , investment , TheNetherlands , projects

Tim Bennett: Kazakhstan has a tremendous investment potential

... a tremendous potential. So much investment potential here. So, our job ... that we can provide those investment potentials. - Thank you for the ...

Modified: 03/15/2019
investment , Tim Bennett , AIFC , Kazakhstan , AIX

Foreign Ministry, Kazakh Invest Company – major actors of country’s investment policy

... attaches particular importance to attract investment as the country has created ... major actor in the government investment policy’s implementation - &ldquo ... economy and complex support of investment projects, the Foreign Affairs Ministry ... the prospects and conditions for investment projects’ implementation; 2. One ... services’ provision, including both investment preferences as state support for ... permits and approvals necessary for investment projects’ implementation and their ...

Modified: 03/12/2019
investment , KazakhInvest , ForeignMinistry , Kazakhstan

French investors familiarized with Kazakhstan’s investment possibilities

... Kazakh-French forum, with the investment potential and investors’ state ... ;s role in attracting foreign investments “Kazakh Invest”, being ... package of services to support investment projects from ideas to their ... practical realisation during the post-investment period using the “single ... AIFC, “Zerde” National Investment Holding, the local executive government ... workplaces. The gross influx of investments from France to Kazakhstan has ...

Modified: 03/11/2019
investment , forum , Kazakhstan , France

Kazakh-Egyptian Business Forum: boosting investment cooperation

... -known for investors due to investment preferences the country provides by ... not without discussing investment issues. This time, the investment potential was slated ... gave a speech about the investment opportunities and action in support ... the prospects and conditions for investment projects’ implementation represented by ... implement and further exploitation of investment projects, including the existing government ... further expand and deepen the investment and trade and economic interaction ...

Modified: 03/07/2019
Egypt , investment , business , Kazakhstan

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