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Schools in Nur-Sultan received books for Chinese language learning

... strategic partnership of Kazakhstan and China. As of today, 1400 Kazakh ... students are studying in China though grant funds, while the ... Cooperation Department. “Kazakhstan and China cooperate under a number of ... to get an education in China during 25 years of the ... the School are studying in China and all of them received ...

Изменен: 09/04/2019
books , Kazakhstan , china

China invested $1.5 bn in Kazakhstan’s economy

... Diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and China were established in January 1992 ... the cooperation between Kazakhstan and China. In subsequent years, the ... relations between Kazakhstan and China was the Joint Declaration ... processes between Kazakhstan and China are of particular importance ... Trade Organization, trade of China with countries participating in the ... 2015, investment flows of China to Kazakhstan have shown positive ... Industrial and Commercial Bank of China). Following the results of ...

Изменен: 08/29/2019
investment , economy , Kazakhstan , china

Khorgos extends beyond shipment hub

Connecting Kazakhstan and China, the trans-border city of ... was the representation office of China’s Ministry of Culture ... agreements signed with 65 countries, China seeks to establish new contacts ... and come along with new initiatives on ... quality, and so on. “China is of interest not only ... a gateway of the western China and western Europe road. It ... access. He went on stressing China’s developed domestic tourism ...

Изменен: 07/11/2019
Kazakhstan , china , khorgos , tourism

Asian countries’ interest in investment coop with Kazakhstan rises

... economic relations with Japan and China as both retain to be ... -tech manufacturing and job-creating. China is Kazakhstan’s fourth ... co-investment with foreign investors. China remains one of the large ... 6.3bn and imports from China equaling 5.4 bn) in ... Bank’s date show China is put 4th in terms ... of investments in Kazakhstan and China’s attracted capital totaled ... billion US dollars by 2018. China is largely investing in transport ...

Изменен: 06/27/2019
Japan , investment , china

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