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  • World toponymies: streets bearing names of Kazakh WWII heroes

World toponymies: streets bearing names of Kazakh WWII heroes

9 May, 2020 06:43

Today the whole world is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. During the four years that the war lasted, it claimed the lives of thousands of our countrypeople. Their memory always lives not only in the hearts of grateful descendants, but also in the names of city streets. There are a lot of streets and avenues in Kazakhstan bearing the names of Kazakh war heroes. But we are interested how many such streets in the world? Read in the review of the Strategy2050.kz correspondent.

As it turned out, there are not so many streets with the names of Kazakhstan’s heroes abroad. Most of the streets are located in Russian cities, places where the heroes were killed in the battles.

So, in the capital of the Russian Federation – Moscow – some of the old avenues were named after Kazakh heroes of World War II: Aliya Moldagulova and Ivan Panfilov. Also the Russian main city has the street that was named in honor of Panfilov’s 28 men in 1966. In addition, one more Russian city – Nevel – has Ibraim Suleimenov, Manshuk Mametova Prospects. In Perm, Zelenograd and Nakhabino village – there is I.V. Panfilov Prospect, in St. Petersburg - Aliya Moldagulova Prospect.

Born in Aktobe region, lieutenant colonel and hero of the USSR Timofei Shcherbanyov, his name is assigned to one of the streets in the city of Omsk (Russia).

One more street in the city of Vyborg (Russia) bears the name of Konstantin Shestakov, a native of Karabulak village (Almaty region).

Ziyamat Khussanov Street is located in the Eastern district of Belgorod (Russia).

Tulegen Tokhtarov, a fearless guardsman, was killed in the battle for the village of Borodino. One of the streets in Staraya Russa city (Russia) has his name.

Kyrgyzstan’s capital city Bishkek crowned I.V. Panfilov with immortality having named one of its streets.

In Belarusian Minsk there are streets named after double hero of the Soviet Union Leonid Beda and hero of the Soviet Union Vassiliy Chebotaryov.

Lieutenant Karakozy Abdaliyev distinguished himself in battles for the city of Melitopol in Ukraine. That’s why, one of the streets there bears his name.

Abu Dussukhambetov battled for Kursk and Dnipro. His name was given to the street in Chernobyl.

Tulen Kabilov particularly distinguished during the storming of the city of Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad). The City Council of Kaliningrad (fifth convocation) No. 144 dated May 22, 2013 decided to assign the name “Tulen Kabilov Street” to a new local street in the Central District of the city.

One more street named in honor of our compatriot Dzhunuspei Kaipov appeared in Batetskiy village, where he was re-buried in a mass grave.