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  • We are satisfied with the level of our cooperation - Korean Ambassador Mr. Kim Dae-Sik
25 September, 2019 14:40

We are satisfied with the level of our cooperation - Korean Ambassador Mr. Kim Dae-Sik

Korean Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Kazakhstan, Mr. Kim Dae-Sik, sat down with the Strategy2050.kz news agency on the sidelines of the Knowledge Sharing Programme 2019 Regional Seminar in Eurasia that is taking place in the Kazakh capital city of Nur-Sultan.

We are satisfied with the level of our cooperation - Korean Ambassador Mr. Kim Dae-Sik | Strategy2050.kz

- Can you share us with your thoughts about today’s event?

- KSP (Knowledge Sharing Programme) is very useful for Kazakhstan, especially for Kazakh policymakers. As you know, Korea has a good experience about our national development. We are ready to share with other countries. Korea also was a recipient among the OECD countries when our country was not developed. Now our country (Korea) is a donor of the OECD.

- What are the areas the KSP 2019 Regional Seminar in Eurasia focuses on?

- This seminar focuses on the evaluation of the past projects as well as on the identification of future areas that should be implemented for better management of KSP. They will have discussions about what should be done to increase the programme’s effectiveness as well as future areas for Kazakhstan needed to improve the economy. Kazakhstan’s economy largely centers on oil. Nevertheless, attention is placed to information technology, digitalization, and fourth industrial revolution. These areas had been discussed by our leaders, President Tokayev and President Moon Jae-in. If the Kazakh economy focuses of those areas, it will get a new engine of growth.

- How is Kazakhstan-South Korea cooperation developing?

- So far, we are satisfied with the level of our cooperation. We have seen much development in recent years compared to that in the beginning. Our today’s cooperation is the largest among Central Asian countries. Our investments in Kazakhstan are also the largest. We enjoy a very high level of cooperation. I think we can improve our cooperation even more through new areas of cooperation, including IT, medical care, smart technology, agriculture. There is a huge potential for our cooperation.

- Being relatively a small country, South Korea is a developed country in terms of new technology. Can you share some insights about how to develop those areas?

- Kazakh people are very hard-working people and very motivated for success. You have a good environment for economic activities. The political stability is also very important for economic growth. You have both. The safeness for foreign investors is also very important. So far, I think, your country has managed to make foreign investors feel comfortable. I believe if you continue the efforts to improve your situation and economy Kazakhstan will achieve the success akin to South Korea’s.

- Thank you for the interview!

Adlet Seilkhanov

chronicle 2050

SMEs will make up at least 50% of the GDP

abour productivity will reach up to $126 000 and 3 to 6 y.o. kids will have 100% access to pre-school education in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan will fully satisfy its own market of POL in compliance with the new environmental standards

The share of non-primary exports in total exports will double and triple by 2040

Transition to Latin graphics will commence

95% of the population will speak Kazakh

15% of the area under cultivation will make use of water-saving technologies.

The issue of providing water for irrigation will be resolve

GDP per capita will stand at $60 000

The urban population will represent 70% of the total population in Kazakhstan