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  • President’s address to the nation begins political season

President’s address to the nation begins political season

2 September, 2021 13:04
The political season in Kazakhstan began with President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev's address to the nation delivered on September 1. The address is very significant, said Kazakh researcher and political expert Adil Kaukenov.

“It is designed to answer several questions that have long been discussed in society,” he wrote in his post on Facebook.

Tokayev’s address to the nation covered different areas ranging from economic issues, water resources to developing peaceful energy. 

Kaukenov focused on the proposal made by Tokayev that will allow citizens to transfer part of their pension savings to the Otbasy Bank to purchase housing. Starting this year, Kazakh citizens got an opportunity to use part of their pension savings to improve housing conditions.

“Back in the spring of 2020, I wrote about how important it was to allow the public to use pension savings. And at that time, there were many skeptics in the comments expressing distrust in the fact that their funds are in the Fund and that this measure will help the economy,” said Kaukenov.

Despite a broad public criticism of this initiative back in 2020, Kaukenov emphasized the positive sides. 

This move, according to him, brought the housing market out of stagnation, increased confidence in the government, and gave people the opportunity to buy housing. 

“And there is another psychological aspect. After all, this measure has helped people, who have always worked officially, who did not manipulate the savings, and by giving them the opportunity to manage these savings themselves, the state encourages law-abidingness and a desire to work according to the rules,” said Kaukenov. 

In the address to the nation, Tokayev said Kazakhstan could have elections of district akims in 2024 in a pilot mode. 

“In general, there are many more important points in the address about the development of defense potential amid the events in Afghanistan and geopolitical turbulence, the takeover of pastures by landlords, raising teachers' pay, fighting inflation, developing IT technology. Obviously, the reforms will be incremental,” he said.