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  • Nur-Sultan 2050 Strategy: life expectancy to be 82 years
19 September, 2019 17:30

Nur-Sultan 2050 Strategy: life expectancy to be 82 years

By 2050, thanks to the implementation of a strategy, Nur-Sultan will have life expectancy of 82 years, while the population of the city will reach 2.4 million people, Strategy2050.kz informed.

Nur-Sultan 2050 Strategy: life expectancy to be 82 years | Strategy2050.kz

In the framework of the Global Innovation Summit 2019, held in Nur-Sultan, Deputy Mayor of the capital Malika Bekturova spoke about the Nur-Sultan 2050 Strategy. This document was developed on behalf of the First President of Kazakhstan with the support of the Strategy Partners consulting company (part of the Sberbank group) and the Research and Consulting Center (Nur-Sultan).

“In 2050, Nur-Sultan will combine comfort for local residents and attractiveness for mobile talents, the unique Kazakhstani culture and a high degree of openness, and will become one of the best places to live in Eurasia. This is the target vision laid down in the development strategy of the capital, a brief presentation of which took place within the framework of the Global Innovation Summit 2019”, she said.

The level of life expectancy of citizens in 2050 will be 82 years, while the population of the city will be 2.4 million people.

“The capital will become a truly safe city according to international standards, crime will be reduced several-fold, including due to the widespread use of security technologies. In terms of economic development, Nur-Sultan will reach today's values ​​of prosperous North American and Western European cities. And the inflow of foreign direct investment will exceed 2.2 billion US dollars. The city will also become more integrated into global economic relations: the number of representative offices of multinational companies and international organizations will increase, the passenger traffic will be 11 million, and the number of foreign students at city universities will reach 15 thousand. All this will allow Nur-Sultan in 2050 to comply with the status of the capital of the state, joining one of the 30 most developed economies in the world”, Bekturova continued.

According to her, one of the main areas they focus on is attracting more tourists.

“This is the capital, infrastructure is important here. The main tourists we attract are MICE tourists (business and event tourism). And there are events, such as this summit, as well as conferences, championships that we hold in Nur-Sultan, with the help of which we are trying to attract more people to the city”, the Deputy Mayor of Nur-Sultan said

According to Aleksandr Idrissov, managing partner of Strategy Partners, in the future Nur-Sultan, first of all, should be comfortable for life and a hospitable city.

“A comfortable city means modern housing affordable for citizens, public health and a well-developed healthcare system, affordable and high-quality education for everyone, a comfortable and environmentally friendly urban environment adapted for the harsh local climate, and an efficient transport system. It is also a safe and inclusive city without outskirts, in all areas of which the walking distance of basic social benefits is ensured”, he said.

He also added that future Nur-Sultan is a competitive and steadily growing city. The key components of the economic success of the capital are high-quality jobs, globally competitive clusters, a developed innovation ecosystem and high entrepreneurial activity, favorable conditions for doing business.

The developers of the strategy believe that by 2050 Nur-Sultan should become a city highly integrated into the global political, economic, social and cultural agenda.

“The long-term vision of Nur-Sultan is a platform city, a frontier city, a place of fusion of the best cultural traditions of the Turkic, European and Islamic culture. The city is building its economy using knowledge and creativity, for which it provides the best conditions in the region for talented and creative people”, Anuar Buranbayev, partner of the Research and Consulting Center and co-leader of the Strategy 2050 development team, stated.

To achieve the ambitious goals of the Strategy 2050, an action plan of the Mayor’s Office is proposed, which should become the basis for a new five-year program for the development of the territory. This document highlights 9 key areas of urban development: growing and sustainable economy, quality and affordable housing, quality healthcare, international class education and competencies, international connectivity, integrated transport system, comfortable urban environment and attractive hospitality infrastructure, modern engineering infrastructure, and reference security.

It should be noted that Strategy Partners has been operating in the market since 1994. It is one of the leading strategic consulting companies operating in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries of the Eurasian region. The company specializes in services for developing a business strategy and implementing operational improvements for medium and large corporations and government institutions, and implements projects in the field of digital transformation of business, industries, regions and cities. Research and Consulting Center LLP is a Kazakhstani analytical center established in 2013. The company conducts research in the field of economic policy and provides consulting services in the field of strategy, operational efficiency and change management for business and government organizations.

Saltanat Sarina