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  • National Association of Light Industry Enterprises ‘Qaz Textile lndustry’ founded in Kazakhstan

National Association of Light Industry Enterprises ‘Qaz Textile lndustry’ founded in Kazakhstan

11 December, 2019 15:03

About 100 organizations in the field of light industry came together to jointly solve industry problems and established a self-regulatory organization "National Association of Light Industry Enterprises called "Qaz Textile lndustry". The mission of the National Association of Light Industry Enterprises “Qaz Textile Industry” is to consolidate the light industry sector for sustainable development.

Under the auspices of “Qaz Textile Industry”, it is planned to develop production cooperation of light industry enterprises, create sustainable communication chains from raw materials and accessories to finished products of high processing.

The Organization has been given the task of improving the quality and competitiveness of domestic goods, works and services of the light industry, strengthening the responsibility of market participants to consumers, introducing science and technology to develop the industry that satisfy the needs of the economy and society, developing applied research and development work in industry and their further commercialization.

The Organization will engage in the development of local content in the industry, orienting textile and leather enterprises to the production of raw materials for light industry enterprises producing high value-added products, facilitate cooperation with government bodies and NGOs in order to develop the industry, and develop the export potential of the industry for the output of light industry products with high added value to foreign markets.

Over the past ten years, the dynamics of production volumes in the light industry has shown a positive trend, from year to year there has been a steady increase in production volumes. Over ten years, the volume of production increased by 3.6 times, from 27.5 billion tenge in 2008 to 93.7 billion tenge in 2018

The development of the industry is due to the active position of the manufacturers themselves, which over the past five years have been using various forms of associations for intra-industry cooperation. So, in 2015, the Union of Light Industry Producers was created, which brought together more than 60 enterprises that employ 5.5 thousand people, which is 42% of the total number of employees in the industry.

The charter and governing bodies of the organization were approved during the First Congress of domestic manufacturers of light industry in the city of Nur-Sultan.

At the same time, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Trade Representation of Kazakhstan in Russia and the National Association of Light Industry Enterprises "Qaz Textile lndustry".