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  • KZT190 bn allocated to support maternity and childhood in Kazakhstan in 2020
1 June, 2020 16:38

KZT190 bn allocated to support maternity and childhood in Kazakhstan in 2020

From January to April 2020, within the framework of the social support for families with children, the republican budget, as well as the State Social Insurance Fund have provided allocated 190 billion tenge, Strategy2050.kz reports referring to the press service of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population.

KZT190 bn allocated to support maternity and childhood in Kazakhstan in 2020 | Strategy2050.kz

So, 111.5 thousand people received a one-time birth allowance for a total of 13 billion tenge, in April 31.4 thousand people worth 3.7 billion tenge.

On average, 139.9 thousand people receive a monthly childcare allowance until they reach one year of age, they paid 11.9 billion tenge. In April, 140.7 thousand people received this benefit in the amount of 3.1 billion tenge.

A monthly allowance for mothers of many children, awarded with “Altyn alka”, “Kumis alka” titles or who had previously received the title “Mother Heroine”, awarded the orders of “Mother Glory” I and II degree covered an average of 233.9 thousand women totaling 15.9 billion tenge, in April 234.5 thousand people paid 4 billion tenge.

The allowance for large families with 4 or more minor children covers an average of 384.9 thousand families totaling 73.5 billion tenge; in April, 396.5 thousand people received a benefit of 19 billion tenge.

A monthly allowance to people raising a disabled child was received by 88.4 thousand people totaling 15.8 billion tenge, in April 90 thousand people paid 4.1 billion tenge.

An average of 14.4 thousand people receive a new monthly allowance for the care of a disabled person of the first group since childhood over 18 years old, they paid 2.6 billion tenge, in April 14.6 thousand people - 644.9 million tenge.

So that an expecting mother could fully prepare for childbirth, since 2008 at the expense of the State Social Insurance Fund, working women who are participants in the obligatory social insurance system receive a lump-sum payment for pregnancy and childbirth. In 2020, 61.7 thousand people received it for a total of 25.9 billion tenge. In April, 9.8 thousand people received a payment in the amount of 4.9 billion tenge.

After the birth of a child from the Fund also makes monthly payments to care for a child up to 1 year old. From January to April of this year they were received by 273 thousand people totaling 31.1 billion tenge, in April 218.4 thousand people worth 7.8 billion tenge.

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