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  • Kazakhstan tests S-300 missile system
18 October, 2019 17:49

Kazakhstan tests S-300 missile system

Commander of the Air Force General-Mayor Kairat Sadykov headed pilot tests of the S-300 missile system at the Saryshgan polygon, the Ministry of Defense informs.

Kazakhstan tests S-300 missile system  | Strategy2050.kz

The tests were part of the plan for re-equipping the Air Force, and conducted to control the functioning, examination, setting and regulating of all the systems and parameters decisive for the system’s operational readiness.

The S-300 missile system received comprehensive maintenance in the local enterprise Granit, specializing in maintaining missile defense systems. 11 such systems have undergone renovation works in the last 7 years in the enterprise. 

The S-300 underwent acceptance testing and now is operational. 

The S-300 is a long range mobile missile with trunking systems, capable of targeting the objects going 30 to 1200 meters per second. 

The system belonging to the advanced generation of technology and is one of the robust air defense systems in the world is at the disposal of the Air Force of Kazakhstan.