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  • Kazakhstan orders two heavy-lift transport aircrafts from Airbus

Kazakhstan orders two heavy-lift transport aircrafts from Airbus

2 September, 2021 13:08
Kazakhstan has placed an order for two Airbus A400M aircraft and becomes the ninth operator together with Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Malaysia, and Luxembourg, reports the Airbus press service.

Negotiations between the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Beibut Atamkulov with AIRBUS Vice President Alberto Gutierrez ended with the signing of a contract for the purchase of two A400M aircraft for the needs of the Kazakh Ministry of Defense.

With the delivery of the first aircraft scheduled in 2024, the contract includes a complete suite of maintenance and training support. Together with the agreement, a memorandum of understanding has also been signed to collaborate on maintenance and overhaul services and with a first step of creating a local C295 maintenance centre.

”The A400M will become the cornerstone of Kazakhstan’s tactical and strategic airlifting operations,” said Michael Schoellhorn, CEO of Airbus Defence and Space. “This new export contract brings the total number of A400M orders to 176 aircraft, a figure that we expect to increase in the near future. With more than 100 aircraft delivered and 100,000 flight hours in operation, the A400M has proven its capabilities, reaching a state of maturity that many potential customers were waiting for.”

The contract to supply Airbus A400M includes an array of services for personnel training and technical support. With the capacity to accommodate the country’s inventory and conduct military, civil and humanitarian missions, the A400M will enable Kazakhstan to quickly respond to any mission by rapidly deploying game-changing capabilities over long distances and enabling effective access to remote areas.