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  • Kazakhstan, China increased transportation volume by 26% in 2019
15 Января, 2020 12:52

Kazakhstan, China increased transportation volume by 26% in 2019

All the cargo passed through the two border crossing: Dostyk – Alashankou and Altynkol – Khorgos, Kazakhstan’s national railway company informs.

Kazakhstan, China increased transportation volume by 26% in 2019 | Strategy2050.kz

On 13-14 January 2020, the two delegations of KazakTemirZholy and Urumqi Railway held a working meeting at Altynkol and Khorgos stations to sum up the work of the border railways of Kazakhstan and China carried out in 2019, to review measures to execute the volume of cargo transportation in 2020.

“Consistency and friendly relations made it possible to complete the tasks set before us, paving the way for greater cooperation. The dynamic growth in cargo transportation speaks to our fruitful cooperation,” Kanat Almagambetov, first deputy chairman of the KazakhTemirZholy Board, said.

In 2019, the transportation volume between Kazakhstan and China was 17,556 thousand tons, 26% more than in 2018. From Kazakhstan 10,767 thousand tons were delivered, 27% higher than in 2018, and from China to 6,789 thousand tons, 24% higher than in 2018.

All the cargo was transported through Dostyk - Alashankou border crossing - 13,347 thousand tons (+ 18%), Altynkol - Khorgos - 4,209 thousand tons (+ 55%).

The meeting saw the endorsement of a projected transportation volume of 19 million tons for 2020.

The parties agreed on taking concrete measures to ensure unhindered and accelerated passage of trains through border stations, and to increase container traffic along the China-Europe route via Kazakhstan.

A pilot transportation of iron ore with rearrangement of the wheelset of wagons from a wide gauge to a narrow gauge heading to the Urumqi station into Bahamian Metallurgical Plant is slated for mid-February this year to carry such transportation on an ongoing basis allowing for increased cargo volumes by rail.

A schedule of freight and container trains through the Dostyk-Alashankou and Altynkol-Khorgos border crossings for 2020 was agreed upon.

The meeting ended with the signing of the protocol.

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