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  • Kazakh-Chinese film 'The Composer' receives four awards in Los Angeles
11 November, 2019 16:40

Kazakh-Chinese film 'The Composer' receives four awards in Los Angeles

The first Kazakh-Chinese film “The Composer” has received four awards at once at the annual Golden Screen Awards in Los Angeles, Strategy2050.kz reports with reference to Kazakhfilm's press service.

Kazakh-Chinese film 'The Composer' receives four awards in Los Angeles  | Strategy2050.kz

The film, created by Sh.Aimanov Kazakhfilm film studio (commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan) and the Chinese companies Shineworks Pictures and China film coproduction corporation, was awarded the prizes: "Best Co-production", "Best Actress "(actress Aruzhan Jazilbekova)," Best Actor "(actor Hu Jun) and" Best 

"I'm very happy! Thanks to Kazakhfilm and our entire film crew,” Kazakh actress Aruzhan Jazilbekova shares on her Instagram, who personally presented the film to the American 

The film "The Composer", released in Kazakhstan in early June this year, tells about the life and work of Chinese composer Xian Xinghai, who during the Second World War lived in Alma-Ata in the family of the famous Kazakh composer Bakhytzhan Baikadamov.

The world premiere of the film "The Composer" took place in April this year as part of the competition program of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival. The film was also shown at the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, where it received two awards - an award from the Chinese television channel CCTV-6 in the category "The Best New Actor" (young Kazakhstani actress Dilnaz Nurseyit) and an honorary award from the organizing committee of the film festival.

The Golden Screen Awards were organized in 2016 by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPA), China Film Co-Production Corporation (CFCC), U.S. China Film and Television Industry (UCFTI), and the Hollywood Reporter.

Photo credit: Kazakhfilm 

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