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  • Kazakh capital to host 8th session of the IACA Assembly
19 September, 2019 17:39

Kazakh capital to host 8th session of the IACA Assembly

The efforts of the Anti-Corruption Agency to combat corruption and the preparations for the holding of the 8th session of the International Anti-Corruption Academy, to take place on 2 October this year in Nur-Sultan, have been discussed during a briefing with representatives of diplomatic missions in Kazakhstan, Startegy2050.kz reported.

Kazakh capital to host 8th session of the IACA Assembly | Strategy2050.kz

It has been noted that tanks to concerted efforts of the Agency and the Foreign Ministry Kazakhstan is due to join the Group of States against Corruption, GRECO, in the next month.

Opening the briefing Olzhaz Bektenov, First Deputy Chairman of the Kazakh Anti-Corruption Agency, has outlined that Kazakhstan has repeatedly been a discussion place for international experts to exchanged views and best practices in terms of fighting corruption.

It is known that on October 2, 2019, the 8th session of the Assembly of the parties to the International Anti-Corruption Academy is scheduled in Nur-Sultan.

“Kazakhstan supports all initiatives aimed at restoring the confidence in international relations, strengthening peace and security on the basis of international law as it provides a platform for the next session of the International Anti-Corruption Academy, striving both to support its existence and mission and to preserve what have been archived in over 8 years and pass it on to further generations”, Bektenov said.

Leyla Yildiz, PhD, has shared that on the first day of the session there will be an opening co-chaired by the International Anti-Corruption Assembly and the Anti-Corruption Agency of Kazakhstan. It is also expected that the session will be attended by the head of the Kazakh Presidential Administration. She has also informed that bilateral meetings are also planned for the session’s first day.

Despite being a young organization, the International Anti-Corruption Academy has been evolving successfully, attracting large numbers of international communities. Today, it includes 75 countries and 3 international organizations, with its role taking off.

Adlet Seilkhanov

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