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  • It’s a very significant profession: expert about white hat hackers
25 October, 2019 16:15

It’s a very significant profession: expert about white hat hackers

In a brief interview with Nico Schottelius, founder of Data Center Light, shred a light on the concept “a white hat hacker”, shared his impression of the Digital Bridge Forum, and answered to the question “what features make a good tech entrepreneur?”

It’s a very significant profession: expert about white hat hackers | Strategy2050.kz

- In the age of new technology, the role of hackers seems to grow rapidly. Needless to say, the profession is very relevant. What makes them so relevant?

- Hackers are very relevant. The more we collect data, the more we are exposed to security threats. We need hackers to ensure our systems are secured.

- The Digital Bridge Forum is taking place in the Kazakh capital for the second time. Why does it resonate with so many young people?

- The event is of great importance. There are many young people here, presenting their startups, projects, which is very inspiring. I think that it is a great opportunity for them.

- In your opinion, what features make a good tech entrepreneur?

- I think a good tech entrepreneur needs to be very open, and always look for new technologies. There are many developments worldwide. And it is very important for companies here to look for such technologies.

- Your presentation touches upon a white hat hacker. Can you tell us about their role in the future?

- A white hat hacker looks at the network for security threats once a company or government’s permission gives him a permission to do so. It is like a very significant profession as white hat hackers distinguish black hat hackers, who do the things that are not allowed. White hackers get into the system as they are allowed to do so. A company or government gives them permission. If companies do not check their security on a regular basis, their systems will be very vulnerable to security threats. So their systems need to be tested over and over again otherwise your system will not be secured.

- Thank you for the interview!

Adlet Seilkhanov,