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  • German investors to develop hydrogen plant in Mangistau region

German investors to develop hydrogen plant in Mangistau region

14 October, 2021 10:24

German investors plan to establish the production of green hydrogen in the Mangistau region. A road map of the project implementation was signed during the meeting with Wolfgang Kropp, President of SVEVIND, as part of the visit of Kazakhstan's delegation headed by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Almas Aidarov to Sweden. 

SVEVIND plans a long-term investment of its own and attracted resources to develop low-carbon energy in Kazakhstan through the large-scale production of green hydrogen for export to the EU countries. 

The investor plans to build wind and solar power plants capacity of 30 GW and use these resources to produce up to 2 million tons of hydrogen per year. 

"Our company aims to combine the outstanding natural resources of Kazakhstan in developing projects to provide Kazakhstan and Eurasia with clean, sustainable energy. The implementation of the project will put Kazakhstan among the world leaders in renewable sources of energy. We are very happy to take the next step in the development of the project and we are grateful to the government of Kazakhstan for its support," said the President of SVEVIND Wolfgang Kropp.

During the meeting with the company on October 13, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Almas Aidarov noted the significant potential of hydrogen energy, which, he said, in the future may "displace all traditional methods of energy production."
"Currently, we have access to all the necessary resources like wind, solar, water, land, and know-how from a strategic investor, SVEVIND. We have interesting, large-scale, and complex projects ahead of us. We have interesting, large-scale and complex projects ahead of us," he added.

SVEVIND is a German company with many years of experience in large-scale renewable energy projects. Being a fully privately owned company and having solid experience in financing renewable energy projects, the company has implemented some of the world's largest renewable energy projects in the world - wind farm cluster, Markbygden 1101, in Sweden with a capacity of 4 GW. The company is represented in markets in Sweden, Finland, and Germany.