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  • French company to build two modern landfills in Almaty region
9 October, 2019 10:49

French company to build two modern landfills in Almaty region

The French company SUEZ pledges to build two modern waste disposal sites in Taldykorgan and Almaty regions, Strategy2050.kz informs with reference to the press service of the Almaty region.

French company to build two modern landfills in Almaty region  | Strategy2050.kz

Almaty region’s Governor Amandyk Batalov met with the representatives of France’s SUEZ and Kazakhstan’s Keremet Projects.

Timothée Cargill, Senior Vice President at the International Development, SUEZ Group, dwelled on the company’s activities and the ongoing projects.

According to him, the company designs and builds waste disposal sites in compliance with all environmental requirements, that is, ensuring leachate does not discharge into the ground, does not contaminate groundwater, and avoid harmful emissions into the air. The SUEZ company generates various energy for the State or companies by converting waste.

The company segregates waste, that is, divides it into two groups: recyclable waste for further converting it into energy, and unrecyclable waste.

The SUEZ company leads those technologies and has offices in 80 countries and has 100 waste disposal sites worldwide at its disposal.

“The first landfill will be located in Taldykorgan’s landsill. The second landfill will have to be built in Almaty region. We would like to start off by setting up a working group consisting of representatives of SUEZ and Keremet Projects, my deputy, and heads of relevant departments. Using the Step by Step technology, we hope you will finalize all the details so we could embark on the projects,” Batalov said.

On his part, the SUEZ representatives thanked for the vote of confidence and confirmed that all preparatory work on the projects will be carried out qualitatively.

“I got interested in your proposal to build landfills as your company covers the entire process from the construction of modern landfills using modern technology and complying to all environmental requirements for waste disposal and production of various energy sources,” Batalov added.

Kazakhstan’s Keremet Projects will supervise all the stages of the projects and carry out the landfills’ construction.

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