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  • Dariga Nazarbayeva held a meeting with Grain Associations’ representatives
12 December, 2019 11:21

Dariga Nazarbayeva held a meeting with Grain Associations’ representatives

In preparation for the parliamentary hearings, the Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Dariga Nazarbayeva, held a series of working meetings with the leaders of farmers' unions and associations of agricultural producers, the Senate press service informs.

Dariga Nazarbayeva held a meeting with Grain Associations’ representatives  | Strategy2050.kz

A meeting was held with representatives of grain associations, in which agricultural producers were represented by Chair of the Grain Union of Kazakhstan Nurlan Ospanov, executive director of the Grain Union of Kazakhstan Badykhan, the president of the Union of Grain Processors of Kazakhstan Yevgeny Gan and a member of the Board of Directors Taukebayev.

The event was attended by deputies of the Senate of the Parliament Akimov, Yelamanov, Zhumagaziev, Nuraliev, Tagimov and Kurtayev.

Speaking at the meeting, the Chair of the Grain Union of Kazakhstan, Nurlan Ospanov, identified key factors that would increase grain production in the country: agricultural producers need compensation in terms of costs from the state, and agricultural technologies and seeds are also needed.

Separately, the problem of using obsolete plant protection products was raised.

“We have very high weediness in the fields, eating up to 30% of the crop. We cannot get a quality crop if we do not use plant protection products. To date, our registry is full of the products from the 90s. Less and less new products are registered,” Nurlan Ospanov said.

The meeting participants also discussed the situation around the assembly production of agricultural machinery and utilization fee for it, tariff restrictions, the quality of the procurement policy of national companies and anti-dumping duties.

Summing up the meeting, Senate Speaker Dariga Nazarbayeva asked representatives of the agricultural industry to send their proposals and recommendations on the development of the grain industry to the Committee on Agrarian Issues, Nature Management and Rural Development of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan to prepare for parliamentary hearings scheduled for 2020.

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