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  • Coronavirus cases surpass 6 mln globally
1 June, 2020 10:16

Coronavirus cases surpass 6 mln globally

The number of the novel coronavirus cases has surpassed six million worldwide, according to TASS estimates based on the governments’ official statements along with the conclusions made by experts and the media in the affected countries.

Coronavirus cases surpass 6 mln globally | Strategy2050.kz

According to the latest data, as many as 6,002,403 people have been infected. Of those, 366,674 (or 6.11%) died. The cases have doubled approximately for a month, as the threshold of three million was passed on April 27.

The United States sits at the top, accounting for a third of all cases. According to the New York Times’ estimates, the country has registered 1,767,600 cases, with the 5.84% death tally (or 103,300 fatalities). Brazil comes in second with 469,510 cases and 27,944 fatalities (or 5.59%). Russia is in third place (396,575 cases and 4,555 deaths, or 1,15%).

Nevertheless, the situation differs considerably concerning the number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 of population. Qatar and San Marino are ranked first, as nearly 2% of population have been infected. They are followed by small nations with a relatively low number of cases, like the Vatican (12 cases) and Andorra (764 cases). The US is ranked 8th, Russia 28th, and Brazil 35th.

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