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  • Celebrated opera Abai to be shown on the Capital Day online
24 June, 2020 10:39

Celebrated opera Abai to be shown on the Capital Day online

On July 6, the Day of the Capital, Astana Opera will show on its website the national classical gem - Akhmet Zhubanov and Latyf Khamidi’s opera Abai to Mukhtar Auezov’s libretto, Strategy2050.kz reports citing the theater’s press service.

Celebrated opera Abai to be shown on the Capital Day online | Strategy2050.kz

The Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Astana Opera’s Principal Soloist Talgat Mussabayev will perform the title role. The illustrious baritone emphasized that it is not by chance that the opera Abai was chosen for broadcasting.

“This performance is central to the Astana Opera repertoire. Everyone knows that the opera house has received the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan for this staging of the great masterpiece. I am very glad that the legendary opera does not leave the billboards of not only ours, but also other Kazakh opera houses. This year we celebrate the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbayev. I think it is symbolic that this particular production will be shown on the Day of the Capital. We are happy to present the culture and art of Kazakhstan, reflected in this production at a very high level, to all our viewers, including foreign ones, who also very actively watch the webcasts of our opera house,” Talgat Mussabayev shared.

“The part of Abai is the most striking and most prominent baritone role in the Kazakh operatic repertoire. I really enjoy performing this difficult part. For me, just like for all Kazakhstanis, Abai is a great thinker, poet, philosopher. I believe that everything positive that might exist in a person is reflected in this hero’s identity. It is difficult to portray this character, because the performer has a great responsibility to show the full depth of this figure. Neither it is easy in terms of music, because the part was written not for the lyrical baritone, but for a very ‘robust’ baritone voice. In order to perform it brilliantly, the dramaturgy must be harmoniously combined with the musical component. With age, you understand that there is no limit to perfection and with every appearance onstage you find interesting colours, read Abai’s text in a different way, discovering new meanings for yourself,” Talgat Mussabayev continued.

“The Day of the Capital is a wonderful holiday that our entire family always celebrates together. I moved here in 2007 under the program of Elbasy aimed at attracting creative youth to develop the culture in Astana. It was exciting to receive an invitation, because I sincerely wanted to become part of a big undertaking - the development of high art in the capital. A new era of our country is associated with this city. Certainly, it is now a cultural, political, economic centre. Nur-Sultan has long since become my home, my children were born and are growing up here. The capital has all the opportunities for development, and, most importantly, there is scope for creativity. Various concert halls, theatres, academies are being built... I would like to congratulate the residents and guests of the city on this wonderful holiday. I wish all our people only happiness, high aspirations, achievement of great goals, peace and concord. May harmony prevail in our city, in which you can actively grow, become better and stronger,” Talgat Mussabayev extended his congratulations in the conclusion of the conversation.

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