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  • Large-scale exhibition of Kazakhstani contemporary art opened in South Korea 29 November 10:18 On November 27, the National Museum of Kazakhstan has opened the “Eurasian Utopia: Post Scriptum” exhibition at the SIMA Museum of Contemporary Art (South Korea, Suwon). The exhibition was organized in collaboration with the SIMA Museum. The exhibition is presenting more than 100 works of 57 artists of the Soviet period and modern times. This exhibition is the fourth and final in a series of foreign events of the FOCUS KAZAKHSTAN international project.
  • Seven Margins of the Great Steppe. President’s instructions 21 November 9:07 Akorda’s website has published the full text of the article by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev “Seven Margins of the Great Steppe”.
  • Asia Contemporary Art Week starts in New York within Rukhani Zhangyru 18 October 9:26 From October 14 to November 30, as part of the Rukhani Zhangyru program realization New York is hosting a retrospective exhibition of the Kyzyl Tractor art collective, “Thinking Collections: Telling Tales”, which is part of the Focus Kazakhstan project and the special program of Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW).
  • Dombra holiday to appear in Kazakhstan 13 June 18:31 Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree on the National Day of Dombra, the press service of Akorda informed.
  • Year of "Rukhani Zhangyru": Spiritual modernization united Kazakhstanis 12 April 8:34 A year ago, on the 12th of April Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev presented the article "The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience". There the leader of the nation clearly defined the agenda for the coming years. Before the people of Kazakhstan there are many tasks to revive the traditions of our ancestors. What changes have already occurred in the country in the framework of this article and how is the public consciousness of Kazakhstanis changing? Read in the review material of
  • Nursultan Nazarbayev amended Decree on translation of Kazakh language into Latin script 20 February 12:16 President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the Decree "On Amending the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of October 26, 2017 No. 569" on the transition of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillic to the Latin script", Akorda’s press service reported.
  • Current version of the Kazakh alphabet will be more effective - Dauren Abayev 20 February 12:15 Kazakh Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev told about the inconvenience of apostrophes in the Latin scripts, as well as changes in the domain during the government session, reported.
  • Special vault "Treasure of the Saks" opened in Astana 16 January 14:28 A special vault "Treasure of the Saks" was opened in the National Museum of Kazakhstan during the II Republican Forum on the project "Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan".
  • "Rukhani zhangyru": Virtual tours around region to be created in W.Kazakhstan 15 January 18:52 In West Kazakhstan, it is planned to create virtual tours and routes around the region within the program "Rukhani zhangyru" for the amount of 12 million tenge, it was known at the session of the expert council "Rukhani zhangyru", where results of 2017 were summarized and plans to implement the program for the near future were set.
  • Danial Akhmetov proposed to finance attendance of plays by schoolchildren 09 January 15:21 Schoolchildren of Eastern Kazakhstan must systematically visit museums and theaters, Governor of the region Danial Akhmetov said during the discussion of the program of implementing the state policy in the field of culture at an expanded meeting of the office.
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