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  • Kazakhstan to increase localization of helicopters production to 30% by 2020 (PHOTO)

Kazakhstan to increase localization of helicopters production to 30% by 2020 (PHOTO)

13 May, 2014 13:04
It is expected to increase the localization of assembly and production of helicopters up to 30% by 2020 in Kazakhstan. It was reported today during a press tour at the "Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering".

On the threshold of the international exhibition of arms and military equipment “KADEX- 2014" journalists acquainted with the process of assembling EC145 helicopters at the LLP "Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering".

"Since the start of the assembly in 2011, 20 EC145 helicopters have been produced. 40 pilots of the Defense and Emergency Ministries were trained. The first pilots were trained in Germany. At this time, pilots of the above mentioned ministries learn theory and flight training here. Aircraft mechanics are trained in Germany at the "Eurocopter" on the basis of the technical Academy. Since at this time we did not developed all the documents in order to get the right of training here. By the end of the year we will resolve this issue," the head of enterprise security Mukhamedkali Kazambayev told.

In general, presently the enterprise carries out semi knock-down assembly of EC145, painting, installation of medical equipment, configuration and testing of connected devices and systems, as well as ground and flight tests.

As noted by factory workers, the amount of work to assemble helicopters will gradually increase. In the future, the company plans to collect dynamic systems, engines, gearboxes, install radio navigation equipment, antennas on the tail boom, avionics systems and wiring. During the six years it is expected to increase localization of the assembly up to 30%.

In the future it is planned to produce not only the EC145 but EC649.

Among the advantages of the new aircraft is economic fuel consumption- about 200 liters per hour, flight range - 715 km.

Apart from the two pilots on board it can accommodate eight Special Force soldiers, or two people in urgent need of evacuation to hospital (medical model).

The EC145 helicopters are among the safest in the world.

In addition, the international exhibition of arms and military equipment “KADEX-2014" will be held on May 22-25,  2014 in Astana.

Kamila Amirova

Photo: Azamat Aliyev