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29 Января, 2014 09:20

Youth of Kyzylorda promotes President’s Address

Youth of Kyzylorda city promoted President's Address "Kazakhstan's way-2050: common goal, common interests, common future”.
Youth of Kyzylorda promotes President’s Address | Strategy2050.kz

“Department of internal policy and activists of Kyzylorda youth wing “Zhas Otan” distributed leaflets in places of mass gatherings. They are shopping facilities of the city - "Sybaga", "Atameken", "Zhibek Zholy”, “Small”.

The leaflet contains information such as "10 basic ideas of the Address which will be included in the history of Kazakhstan", 7 directions of the strategy "Kazakhstan-2050", "the meaning of each color."
Kyzylorda residents supported youth and expressed their gratitude.

chronicle 2050

SMEs will make up at least 50% of the GDP

abour productivity will reach up to $126 000 and 3 to 6 y.o. kids will have 100% access to pre-school education in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan will fully satisfy its own market of POL in compliance with the new environmental standards

The share of non-primary exports in total exports will double and triple by 2040

Transition to Latin graphics will commence

95% of the population will speak Kazakh

15% of the area under cultivation will make use of water-saving technologies.

The issue of providing water for irrigation will be resolve

GDP per capita will stand at $60 000

The urban population will represent 70% of the total population in Kazakhstan