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  • Kazakhstan takes measures on safety benefits

Kazakhstan takes measures on safety benefits

27 January, 2014 14:30
Ministry of Transport and Communication carry out safety benefits in Kazakhstan. Today air carriers’ certification rules come into force in the country. In addition new rules of permits for regular domestic commercial air service are approved, Single operator to manage the airports is created a training center for security of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is opened.

Experts of Bureau of Technical Cooperation (BTC) of the International Civil Aviation Committee ( ICAO)  have provided for consultation support to the aviation authorities of Kazakhstan. Following the joint meeting, 80 amendments were made in law on air transport usage in Kazakhstan in order to resolve complaints of the audit.

Kazakhstan has held recertification of airlines. As a result six airlines have been recalled certificates,

Certificates were withdrawn from the following companies: DETA, MEGA, Euro-Asia International, SAMAL, Semeyavia, Asia Continental Airlines.

According to the press service, 40 professional inspectors have carried out the checkups of airline companies, aircraft, airports and navigation facilities, training centers, skill level of crews and engineers.