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  • Yakup Beris on RES: when you use something do not destroy something else
5 July, 2019 10:51

Yakup Beris on RES: when you use something do not destroy something else

Yakup Beris, UNDP Resident Representative, briefly sat down with the Strategy2050.kz correspondent. He spoke of the economic benefits of renewable energy sources, sustainability, the role of RES in the future, calling for the best possible way to utilize them. Keep reading for more details.
Yakup Beris on RES: when you use something do not destroy something else | Strategy2050.kz

- Apart from the environmental benefits, what are the main economic benefits of renewable energy sources?

- At the early stage of RES development, we have globally around 11 million people do the jobs created through the renewable energy sector. So, the first benefit is that it creates jobs. Secondly, of course, it is about businesses. For many companies that are investing today in the RES sector the potential is huge. For businesses it is a great opportunity, and for Governments it means investing in not only traditional energy sources but also alternative energy sources. So, the economic benefits could be huge as well as the potential.

- What role will renewable energy sources take in the future?

- The future is about renewable energy sources. You see it starts in Kazakhstan, and you see that even oil and gas companies are investing in it. There are examples of such companies that are actually investing in RES. Even those traditional companies are seeing the future in RES. It is also about investing in the sustainable future in the best possible way. However, there are the realities of today, there are the realities that the countries, jobs depend on traditional fossil fuel. Of course, this will continue, but what we are talking about is investing in the mix so to increase the share of RES. So, the replacement of traditional energy sources by renewable energy sources is might be far at this point, but at least the future of RES is great in terms of creating businesses.

- Why is it crucial to develop RES?

- It is all about sustainability. The word renewable says that when you use it you do not finish it. The source is nature, so it can be endless. Imagine the sun, the wind, they are waiting for us to utilize them in the best possible way and the most sustainable way. The whole point is when you use something do not destroy something else.

Adlet Seilkhanov,