Content of information products to be controled to protect children in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, according to the draft law "On protecting children from information that is harmful to their health and development", the content and design of information products that are used for the education and upbringing of children in the organizations of pre-school education and in the education system will henceforth be controlled. It was reported by Mazhilis Deputy Bekbolat Tleukhan during the plenary session of the Mazhilis of Parliament.
Astana city27 December , 11:24

The draft law is aimed at protecting children from harmful information disseminated through the mass media, maximizing the development of communication networks, and increasing the possibility of information exchange.

"What are the features of the draft law. Firstly, the principles of state policy in the field of protecting children from information that harms their health and development are defined. Secondly, legal ways of suppression of the turnover, causing harm to information production are reflected. Thirdly, a convenient broadcasting time has been established on the TV and radio broadcasts for children", the Deputy said.

Also, for the information security of children, there are opportunities for examining computer and electronic games.

According to Tleukhan, the powers of the executive bodies to protect children from harming information products have been clarified.

"Another feature of the project is the introduction of a separate article and additional requirements for the dissemination of certain types of information for children. Now the content and design of information products, which are used for the education and upbringing of children in the organizations of preschool education, will be controlled. Similar control will be implemented in the education system", the Mazhilisman said.

Also, according to the Deputy, the examination of information products will be conducted. The draft law introduces the institution of "accreditation" of experts and expert organizations, establishes requirements for them.

Also, the Deputy said that the draft law introduces such concepts as the age classification of information products and the age category.

"According to the project, the following age categories of such information products are established. It is classified according to the development of the ability of the world to know children under 6 years old, over 6 years old, 12-14-16 years of age. In general, the draft law provides for the prohibition of information products, which is based on cruelty and violence, encourages children to commit acts of danger to their lives, as well as suicide. We need to think hard about this. At the same time, information denying the institution of the family and agitating against national traditions is also recognized as harming children", Bekbolat Tleukhan said.

According to the law, TV channels must broadcast information products with an appropriate sign of the age category. Otherwise, as noted by the parliamentarian, legal measures are provided.

"For the improvement of public administration and the activities of law enforcement agencies, the definition and concept of information products for children has been given for the first time. This information products are designed for directivity, themes, content and design directly for children", Tleuhan concluded.


Akbota Kuzekbay