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  • SPIID: New plant in Karaganda enables to recycle up to 50k cars per year

SPIID: New plant in Karaganda enables to recycle up to 50k cars per year

7 December, 2017 13:32
The high-technology equipment of the new plant in Kazaraganda will allow to process up to 50 thousand cars per year, it was announced in the Governor's Office of the region.

The second stage of the production process of "Recycling Company" LLP for the utilization of decommissioned cars was launched in Karaganda during the nationwide teleconference "New Industrialization of the Country: Leap of the Kazakhstani Leopard" with the participation of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

This full-cycle plant has no analogues in the Central Asian region and is one of the largest projects in the processing industry of Kazakhstan. The project cost was 3 billion 400 million tenge.

"The construction of the plant began in February 2017. On July 26, the first stage was launched - a shredder installation for processing auto-choke and extracting the main components and components. The second stage of production was launched today. These are induction furnaces for melting shredded metal, as well as the production of synthesis of gas and an analogue of heating oil", the Governor's Office informed.

According to preliminary calculations, the plant will now receive 22,740 tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals a year, 2 million 100 cubic meters of synthesis gas, 16,000 tons of pyrolysis fuel and produce 3,300 tons of rubber chips.

The products obtained from non-ferrous metal waste, ferrous metal and its alloys, will be supplied to copper smelters in the region.

"This is the first plant in Kazakhstan on the utilization of cars. It was build only within 9 months. The high-technology equipment allows to recycle up to 50 thosand cars per year. To obtain more than 30 thousand tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The whole technological process is conducted without harm to the environment. The President, we promise to make a considerable contribution to the development of the economy of the region and the whole country. Give us a permission to launch the plant", a member of the Board of Trustees of "Recycling Company" Aidyn Nurakhmetov said.

According to the Head of State, for today, the recycling of household wastes is a very important task.