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  • Aliya Nazarbayeva heads the presidium of Association of Ecological Organizations
29 November, 2017 17:54

Aliya Nazarbayeva heads the presidium of Association of Ecological Organizations

Presentation of the Association of Ecological Organizations of Kazakhstan was held in Astana, the presidium of which was headed by Aliya Nazarbayeva.
Aliya Nazarbayeva heads the presidium of Association of Ecological Organizations | Strategy2050.kz

According to BNews.kz, all interested non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can join the Association.

"To date, there is a need to unite all the healthy forces of society in the name of a noble goal. There is a wide range of environmental issues, from drinking water supplies to air emissions and directly related to the health of the nation. For example, in the housing and utilities sector, the huge energy consumption costs and the introduction of efficiency mechanisms in the municipal economy and housing are one of the priorities. Therefore, it is necessary to work on how to attract investments", Chairwoman of the Association Aigul Solovyeva said.

It was also noted the need to work with citizens for the proper use of resources.

"About 400 environmental organizations actively operate in the country, and we are very pleased that a large association is created, in which environmental problems will be jointly solved. First and foremost, everyone understands that the work of only environmental professionals is not enough, so we need cooperation with the civil sector. I think this will give impetus to the development and implementation of the "Green Bridge" program, which to date has been supported by about 15 countries and 15 NGOs from 16 countries, as well as the Concept for the transition to a "green economy", Vice Minister of Economy Gani Sadibekov said.

It is noted that in December Astana will host the first meeting of the members of the Association in the format of a round table, at which issues of improving country's legislation on environmental issues will be discussed.

Also Aigul Solovyova stressed the importance of involving young people in the work, namely, volunteers. According to her, it is necessary to make changes and additions to the law on volunteerism in order to present them all opportunities to participate in public life of the state.

To date, the total number of NGOs in Kazakhstan has reached nearly 20,000, of which 13,879 are active. The number registered in the Ministry of Religious and Civil Society database in 2017 is about 3,000. Only 8% of them work in the field environmental protection, sustainable development and "green" technologies.,