Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan told about 7x7 formula of Strategic Plan

The 7x7 formula will ensure a balance of stability and development in order to achieve Kazakhstan's global competitiveness. Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan Timur Suleymenov told about 7 system changes and 7 priority policies for the implementation of the Strategy 2050 at the meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan.
Astana city28 November , 11:24

"Systemic changes are breakthrough changes that must occur in the economy and social life until 2025. Without the implementation of these changes, the achievement of the accelerated growth is impossible. Priority policies are a course implemented by the Government in the priority areas of Strategy 2050", the Minister said.

As T. Suleymenov added, seven systemic reforms cover all key aspects of country's life: human development, technology, business, ensuring the rule of law, development of regions, society and public sector.

"The first direction "New Human Capital" is associated with the reorientation of the entire training system to new personnel requests. This is a large-scale renewal of training programs, continuity of training throughout the life. The second direction "Technological renewal and digitalization" is the creation of the innovation infrastructure for the development of a knowledge-based economy, modernization of the basic industries and emergence of new industries", the Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan noted.

The third - "Competition and competitive business" is aimed at the boosting the private sector. Thanks to the extensive privatization, the share of the state and monopolies in the economy will be reduced.

The fourth direction - "A law-based state without corruption" will work to bring the judicial system to international standards, increase the stability of legislation and educate the legal literacy of citizens.

"The fifth direction "Strong regions and urbanization" is aimed at the economic development of the regions by increasing their independence and providing a basic standard of living for the population in all regions. The sixth direction "Modernization of public consciousness". It is aimed at the formation of a united nation of strong and devoted people. The seventh direction. "Public sector as a leader of changes". This direction is aimed at the increasing of the role of state bodies and organizations as a driving force for country's modernization", Timur Suleymenov emphasized.

7 priority policies for the implementation of the Strategy "Kazakhstan 2050" include the macroeconomic policies, competitiveness of the economic sectors, financial sector development policies, policies to actively attract investment, policies for ensuring a high quality of life, green economy and environmental policy and proactive foreign economic policy.

The Strategic Development Plan of Kazakhstan until 2025 is a key document of the State Planning System and it is a medium-term development plan for the implementation of the long-term Strategy "Kazakhstan 2050" on the path to country's entry into 30 developed countries.


Akbota Kuzekbay