D.Abayev: About 3k sites were blocked during 2017

Until the end of next year, the Ministry of Information and Communications will introduce an automatic monitoring system that will monitor the global network, it was said by the Head of the Ministry Dauren Abayev at the plenary session of the Mazhilis.
Astana city08 November , 14:38

"We have television, newspapers and a huge layer of the Internet, which now has appeared. And a huge amount of illegal content. We confuse the thing with a lock and a notice when the material is removed. Only this year we blocked about 3 thousand sites. This is when illegal content is not removed", D. Abayev said.

According to Dauren Abayev, the Ministry sent about 270,000 notifications to social networks about the fact that certain material is illegal, containing extremism, terrorism, etc.

"There was a material in the social network, conditionally. We cannot block the entire social network because of one material, so we have to contact the administration of that network to remove specific content. The most important thing in our work is control. Therefore, by the end of next year, we will implement an automatic monitoring system, this system will monitor the entire Internet, conduct an overview of information on the Internet", the Minister said.

We note, the Head of the MIC of Kazakhstan reported that the Ministry considers to reduce the terms for providing answers to journalistic inquiries.

Akbota Kuzekbay