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D.Abayev said what will be with .ҚAЗ domains after switching to Latin alphabet

Minister of Information Dauren Abayev explained what will happen to .ҚAЗ domains after the switch to the Latin alphabet.
Astana city 10 October, 18:31

The transition of Kazakh language into Latin alphabet is planned from 2025. That is, by 2025 office work, periodicals, textbooks and everything else will be published in the Latin alphabet. And also by the end of 2017, the work is planned to adopt a single standard version of the Kazakh alphabet in the new schedule. At the same time, during the adaptation period, the Cyrillic alphabet will also be used, reported.

According to D. Abayev, the issues of the organization of information, methodical support for the implementation of a unified state policy in the field of language development are assigned to the Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Kazakhstan.

"Following the adoption of a unified standard version of the Kazakh alphabet, the Ministry will work on coordinating the transfer of .ҚAЗ domain and domain names registered in this zone to the Latin alphabet", he explained.

Let us recall that N. Nazarbayev was shown the draft of a unified standard of the Kazakh alphabet on the Latin chart, prepared taking into account the proposals received during the public discussion.