Digital kazakhstan 2022

JSC “Qazcontent” presented new internet-season

JSC “Qazcontent” held the modernization of a range of internet-resources of the company.
Astana city12 September , 20:07

In general, the work on re-branding was conducted. The key moment is the change of the logotype “Qazcontent”, in addition, the JSC decided to switch to Latin to keep pace with the times. Thus, the name of the Company from now will be written in the format of Latin – “Qazcontent”. It should be noted that the internet-resources of JSC “Qazcontent” are read in all countries of the World.

In addition, it should be noted that in terms of re-branding, for instance, the IA has changed its interface, which became more attractive and makes the work with the site easy. It will help the internet-resource enter to a new level and increase readers. In addition, the IA changed a broadcasting format.

Qazcontent presented a new internet-season, where the sites will work in a new format. Each of the presented sites has a new format of work, new projects, which are focused on making the work of a reader with the site easy and it will considerably increase the quality of news.

Thus, for instance, the IA “” presents the Discussion club platform “Strategy” for experts on the site, where topical themes are discussed online. The Strategy is all about the most recent matters, acute themes as well as precise responds and special views.  

In addition, it should be noted that “Qazcontent” will present a new internet-channel in a new season.