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Youth of Kazakhstan celebrates international holiday

All regions of Kazakhstan hold cultural and public events dedicated to the International Youth Day.
Kazakhstan 12 August, 13:01

Thus, according to the information of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society of Kazakhstan, 208 youth resource centers throughout the country actively participate in the celebration.

It should be noted that the International Youth Day was established by the UN General Assembly on December 17, 1999, at the suggestion of the World Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth Affairs, held in Lisbon on August 8-12, 1998.

By the way, in Astana, with the participation of leaders of youth organizations, a business breakfast called "ZHASTAR KUNI" is held. It will discuss the issues of youth participation in solving socially significant problems.

Also, on this day the recreation complex Arnasay in Akmola region will hold the grand opening of scouts' meeting of Kazakhstan.

Also for the youth of the capital it is planned to hold a creative evening "Zhastar Anderi".

The Ministry informed that there are 567 youth organizations in Kazakhstan. At present, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society of Kazakhstan is taking measures to improve interagency cooperation, and new approaches are implemented to develop the activities of youth resource centers, youth organizations, youth self-government bodies in educational organizations and enterprises.

The network of youth resource centers that provide targeted work with young people has been expanded. Currently, 208 youth resource centers operate in the country.

Recall, according to statistics, the number of young people aged 14 to 29 years is more than 4 million people. In Kazakhstan, the state programs are implemented: "Zhasyl El", "Diplommen aulga", "Mangil el zhastary-industriyaga", and "Youth Human Resources".