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  • 'Nur Otan' Party's policy consolidates society – KISS senior fellow

'Nur Otan' Party's policy consolidates society – KISS senior fellow

28 December, 2013 16:01
The main expert of the Kazakh Institute for Strategic Studies (KISS) Yuri Buluktayev believes the policy of centrism is consolidating factor for the Kazakhstani society, the press service of the Party informed.

According to Yuri Buluktaev ideology of centrism is a political position, expected to be moderate on current political issues, which is an intermediate position between the right and left-wing political movements or groups.

"The ideology of centrism is pointed out in the Doctrine as a political platform. The Party explains that the choice of centrist policies is associated by the scale issues facing society and the state. This policy offers new approaches for solving these problems; it eliminates the "smooth" political tensions in the country,” the KISS expert added.

According to him the centrism ideology provides for the people’s mobilization.

“The “Nur Otan” Party having chosen the centrism policy, declared the readiness to turn out a consolidating center of the social forces that will implement tasks pointed out in the “Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050,” Mr. Buluktayev resumed.