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21 Июля, 2017 12:14

SEC “AKTOBE” income comprised 135 mln tenge

To maximize the use of all capabilities of SEK “AKTOBE”. It was announced by Governor of Aktobe region Berdybek Saparbaev during the meeting within the territory of the industrial zone with participation of representatives of state bodies and companies realizing their investment projects.
SEC “AKTOBE” income comprised 135 mln tenge | Strategy2050.kz

During the event, the results of work of JSC NC “SEC “AKTOBE” for the first half year of 2017 were discussed.

Berdybek Saparbaev noted, that the most efficient measures on attracting investments and creation of favorable conditions for business development are used in the region within the implementation of the errand of the Head of State.

According to director of SEC “AKTOBE” Darhan Utemis, the net profit of the corporation from the beginning of the year comprised 135 million tenge. Much attention is paid to the work of stabilizing fund and the development of inter-regional cooperation. In the past year to form Stabilizing fund during the intersessional period 2016-2017, 2 280 tons of vegetables and groceries accounting to 242,4 million tenge were purchased, 1 575 tons out of food products were realized. Futures contracts to purchase vegetables were signed for the forthcoming intersessional period.

We note, that 17 social pavilions, 5 social markets and 19 mini-markets where products of the Stabilizing fund are sold, function in Aktobe. Within the inter-regional cooperation, 690 tons of onion, 520 tons of potatoes, 170 tons of carrots were delivered from Zhambyl and South Kazakhstan regions to Aktobe.

Besides, measures to fill the industrial zone “AKTOBE”, where the production of safe surface and antifreeze has already run, the production of ceramic plates, polypropylene bags, three-fold wall blocks and big bags will be launched in the present year. Lands were allocated for 5 projects and evacuations have started. The total amount of private investments comprised 72 billion tenge, 1700 workplaces will be created.

According to the Governor’s Office of Aktobe region, the work on development of roadside service and street trade was activated. In particular, the construction of logistic center with roadside service on the road “Atobe-Khromtau” with a total area of 4 hectares, the construction of multi-functional complex of roadside service of “A” class were started.

Within the project “1000 places of street trade”, 30 places of street trade were defined in region’s center, which will be handed over entrepreneurs in August-September. Considerable results are seen in the projects of mining. The total amount of investments is more than 176 billion tenge.

“We are interested to attract investments. In this regard, we take the first place throughout Kazakhstan, as well as in a favorable investment climate, however, we should not stop. The main factor is that we should maximally use all tools and capabilities of SEC”, Berdybek Saparbaev underlined.  

The Governor of the region commissioned the governing body of the corporation to strengthen the work on development of business-incubators in the districts, to present capabilities of the industrial zone, to issue securities, to adopt credit resources of second-tier banks, to take part in implementation of state programs.


chronicle 2050

SMEs will make up at least 50% of the GDP

abour productivity will reach up to $126 000 and 3 to 6 y.o. kids will have 100% access to pre-school education in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan will fully satisfy its own market of POL in compliance with the new environmental standards

The share of non-primary exports in total exports will double and triple by 2040

Transition to Latin graphics will commence

95% of the population will speak Kazakh

15% of the area under cultivation will make use of water-saving technologies.

The issue of providing water for irrigation will be resolve

GDP per capita will stand at $60 000

The urban population will represent 70% of the total population in Kazakhstan