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  • South Kazakhstan: 3 ethnic towns to be built
21 April, 2017 16:34

South Kazakhstan: 3 ethnic towns to be built

Three ethnic towns will be built in Turkestan, Otrar and Shymkent in accordance with the world requirements, Governor’s Office of South Kazakhstan region reported.
South Kazakhstan: 3 ethnic towns to be built | Strategy2050.kz

The aim of the project is to preserve the historical and cultural heritage and popularize the history of the region for tourists.

At the regular meeting of the town-planning council, under the chairmanship of Governor of South Kazakhstan region Zhanseit Tuymebayev, 10 architectural projects were considered.

Including the approval of the concept of the development of the city of Turkestan as a historical and cultural center of the world level, the issues of landscaping around the mausoleum of Arystanbab and the settlement of Kune Otyrar in Otyrar district, as well as draft ethnographic projects that will be located near Shymkent’s residential area ​​"Shymkent City".

"In the program article "The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience" the Head of State speaks about the restoration of historical complexes on our native land to show them to the whole world. In the country, most of the archaeological heritage is located in South Kazakhstan region. Therefore, in order to preserve the ancient heritage, it is necessary to build so that the architecture of new buildings and structures meet the world requirements. Buildings must stay for centuries. Thanks to this, it is possible to increase the number of tourists", Zh. Tuymebayev said.

In connection with the approach of EXPO-2017, the head of the region first of all instructed to accelerate the process of implementing projects in the city of Turkestan and Otyrar district, which will make a great contribution to the development of tourism.

Within the framework of the international exhibition it is planned that South Kazakhstan region will be visited by a large number of tourists.

"The most important question for today is to put in order the streets of the districts and cities of the tourist destination, and also to improve the quality of infrastructure and services. Along with this, in accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, it was said about the increase in the pace of construction of "Shymkent City" project. At the moment, the construction work is actively carried out here. In the near future, the construction of an ethnic town will begin", the Governor of the region added.

Chief architect of the city of Shymkent Nurlan Arkabayev briefed the council members on the new sketch of the ethnic town. Also at the meeting, head of the regional department of architecture and urban planning Ye. Zhussupov and director of "Architectural Bureau" B. Ashirbayev told about the ongoing works on the improvement of the territory of the old town and along the river "Koshkar-ata", and also acquainted with the projects "Citadel", "Karauyltobe".

It is worth noting that the architectural and town planning council of South Kazakhstan region was created to implement a unified urban policy and improve the quality of projects.

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