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  • Almaty to open Glaciology Center under auspices of UNESCO

Almaty to open Glaciology Center under auspices of UNESCO

7 April, 2017 14:32
A Central Asian regional glaciological center will be opened in Almaty under the auspices of UNESCO, the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science informed.

It is worth noting that the Institute of Geography of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan was chosen as the base for the opening of the center out of more than 10 applicant countries in the establishment of the Glaciology Center under the auspices of UNESCO.

"In the world's only glaciological center, 50 researchers will study the properties and development of glaciers, ice sheets and snow cover. Research activities will help to make forecasts for the development of the economy of Kazakhstan and the arrangement of the territory", the report reads.

The Committee of Science noted that Kazakhstan as a choice of UNESCO is a recognition of achievements of Kazakhstan’s science in the field of glaciology.

The scientists of Kazakhstan for more than 60 years are conducting research in this area. The creation of the center will raise the level of ongoing research on the water security and climate change.

At the first stage, 43 specialists from the Institute of Geography were preliminarily selected for work in the center, 52.4% of whom are young specialists who possess modern methods of scientific research, 51% have academic degrees. At the stage of creating the center, office facilities, equipment, software and hardware will be allocated by the Institute of Geography.

The Center is intended to unite and coordinate the efforts of scientists of Central Asian countries to study climate change on ice, snow and water resources, as well as in the study of glacial-breakthrough mudflows.

According to director of the Institute of Geography Akhmetkal Medeu, by 2030 there will be a water shortage in Kazakhstan. So, in 1956 the flow of the rivers across Kazakhstan was 121.4 cubic km, in the 1990's - up to 100.5 cubic km, in the modern period this figure is 91.3 cubic km. According to the research, by 2020 this figure will reach 80 cubic km, and by 2030 - 72.4 cubic km at a water demand of 86-87 cubic km.