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  • Ministry of Health received 2094 proposals from Kazakhstanis to improve health system
2 March, 2017 12:56

Ministry of Health received 2094 proposals from Kazakhstanis to improve health system

2094 proposals for improving the health system came to the Ministry of Health from Kazakhstanis, the Ministry informed.
Ministry of Health received 2094 proposals from Kazakhstanis to improve health system | Strategy2050.kz

So, since the beginning of the year within the framework of the social campaign "100 problems - 100 solutions - 100 days", initiated by the medical community with the support of the Ministry of Health, 2094 proposals from nearly 800 sources were received to further improve the health care system.

"In terms of performance, all the information obtained was distributed into 3 groups: high (short-term), medium (medium-term) and long (long-term). Many of the requests defined in the first group were arisen because of the deficit of information regarding medical services, patient rights and treatment strategies. Such proposals will be addressed through the awareness-raising activities at the local level or through the call center of medical organizations", the Ministry explained.

According to the medium-term and long-term proposals the Republican health development center developed an action plan to address them and referred to the Ministry of Health.

The citizens were the most active. More than 500 people expressed their opinion. In addition, the proposals were received from the employees of the medical organizations, legal entities and others. The members of the public health sector sent concrete and sensible proposals, which as far as possible were included in the action plan.

Within the campaign the most pressing health issues, such as improving the organization of health services, improving the status and payment of health workers and their legal protection, automation and computerization of work processes, the introduction of electronic medical records, electronic queuing and support of new diagnostic and treatment methods and etc. were identified.

"A part of the proposals have not "strategic", but rather "point" character", Acting Director General of the Republican health development center Ainur Aiypkhanova said.

According to the results of the analysis of appeals, the Republican health development center published problems with suggested solutions on its website.

"Thanks to the implementation of the social campaign "100 problems - 100 solutions - 100 days" the feedback from the public and health care providers simplified directly. At this point the Center addresses the constantly-acting feedback. However, on the particular cases you should contact the call center of your city", Ainur Aiypkhanova explained.

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