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  • Over 6K proposals on constitutional reforms received - Dzhaksybekov

Over 6K proposals on constitutional reforms received - Dzhaksybekov

1 March, 2017 17:15
More than 6 thousand proposals on constitutional reforms received from citizens, during a meeting of the Working Group on the redistribution of powers between branches of government Head of Presidential Administration Adilbek Dzhaksybekov declaimed.

He reported that totally they received from citizens more than 6 thousand proposals affecting 63 articles of the Constitution, which include all sections of the Fundamental Law.

"Proposals are versatile and not limited only by the project of the regulations submitted for public rules’ discussion. They were organized into several blocks. Over 40 proposals were received to the section that defines the status and powers of the Head of State. Despite the fact that the aim of the reform is the redistribution of powers of the President in favor of their transferring to other branches of government. In many respects, arrived offers were aimed at strengthening the powers of the Head of State. Concerning powers of Parliament 88 offers in general directed to support of an initiative of strengthening of a role of Parliament, when forming  of the Government arrived. In particular, there were offers on the transition to parliamentary republic, unicameral Parliament, the election of deputies on the basis of majority system. It was offered to strengthen requirements to deputy corps by means of restriction to stand no more once, and increase of age qualification", - the Head of the Working group informed.

In addition, A. Dzhaksybekov focused on the proposals on the status and activities of the Government in strengthening its accountability to Parliament. Among them is consolidation of mandatory approval of the Majilis of all structure of the Government, and its reporting not only to the Majilis, but also to Parliament in general.

In conclusion of his speech, the Head of the Presidential Administration noted proposals aimed at changing the order of formation of the Constitutional Council and its conversion to the Constitutional Court. It was reported that the highest number of proposals received by the authority of law enforcement and judicial unit.

The Head of State pointed out that the broad nature of the opinions and offers received from citizens, is an evidence of gaps and shortcomings in our work which are necessary to eliminate in subsequent work.

During the meeting were all workgroup members acted. In particular, amendments to Article 26 of the current Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding the property rights were discussed. Workgroup members voiced different offers of population on the proposed changes in specified rate.

In turn, Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested to make no changes to Article 26, taking into account the views of the citizens of Kazakhstan, having noted the need of carrying out further measures for enhancement of the legislation and clarifying of its basic provisions.

At the same time, workgroup members informed the Head of State about frustration of the majority of citizens about redistribution process of the certain powers, having noted need of strong presidential vertical maintaining.

In conclusion, Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed once again the importance and the relevance of the forthcoming reforms, pointing to the high activity of citizens in the discussion of the proposed amendments.

"The proposed changes in the state system are aimed at further strengthening of the democratization of our society and the foundations of democracy, strengthening the role of Parliament, increasing the autonomy and responsibility of the Government at the presidential form of Government. In it there is a whole essence of reforms. Besides, there will also be modernized constitutional activity base of law enforcement and judicial system, system of constitutional review will be improved. Guarantees of an invariance of our constitutional system become stronger. In the nearest future the draft amendments to the Constitution will be submitted to Parliament for discussion", - the President of Kazakhstan reported.

Summing up the meeting results, the Head of State expressed gratitude to all workgroup members for their effective and important historical work.