Eurasian Union

Level of self-sufficiency to reach 94% in EAEU

The level of self-sufficiency in the EAEU countries in 2017 will increase to 94%, said Director of the Department of Agrarian Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission Stanislav Buben at the first All-Belarusian Forum on Food Security.
World14 October , 17:36

Mr.Buben told about the potential of the Eurasian Economic Union in terms of collective food security, the key economic, political and social life issues.

"The average level of self-sufficiency in basic food products in 2017 will increase to 94%. In particular, beef -  to 83.7% for milk - to 95.6%, for pork - to 93.5%. By 2017, it is projected to achieve full self-sufficiency in the Union", - he stressed.

S. Tambourine presented proposals for solving the existing problems of the agrarian sector.

"In order to develop the agrarian sector more effectively, it is necessary to use the best achievements of science and substitute imported inputs, to develop deep processing of agricultural raw materials, to create and implement their own long-term scientific and technological development, to actively develop cooperation", - said the head of the EEC department.

The international scientific-practical conference also touched the trends and prospects of the agricultural policy agreed by EAEU countries.

Special attention was paid to mechanisms of scientific and innovative development in the Union.