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  • Astana hub and UNDP developed large-scale study in civil service
28 September, 2016 13:02

Astana hub and UNDP developed large-scale study in civil service

The large-scale study on «Global and regional trends in development of the civil service», developed jointly by the Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana and UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence in Singapore. The project is aimed to improve civil service in Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana Alikhan Baimenov has said at a press conference in the CCS.
Astana hub and UNDP developed large-scale study in civil service | Strategy2050.kz

"Public authorities do not always have enough resources to receive the necessary material. And this work aims to fill these gaps in our region. This work became possible thanks to a new level of development of the hub, which includes 34 countries and 5 international organizations. The Hub includes 85 international experts in various fields of civil service from 25 countries", A. Baimenov has said.

The expert explained that this study represents the unique synthesis material combining the theoretical basis and the applied expertise of the leading international scholars and practitioners in civil administration.

The work has covered the main trends of civil service development and reform over the past twenty years in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the Caucasus and the CIS.

Meanwhile, Director of the Global Centre Max Everest-Phillips stressed that the key competitive advantage of any country in the 21st century is the good governance.

"For me it is a great honor to work closely with the Regional hub in Astana, which has developed a fantastic network, and it currently has a major influence in civil service matters and reforms. This review has a very great message. It is important that it  clearly defines the transformation that takes place in all countries. We see that there is a big change in the impact of interaction between the citizens and the state. This report is unique and timely. It emphasizes the importance of the civil service", - the expert noted.

According to the experts, the presented research work may serve as a useful and unique resource for the practitioners involved in the civil service reform, for scientists and experts in this field and in Kazakhstan and the countries participating in the hub and beyond.

In a broader sense, the study is intended to contribute to the efficiency of public service by supporting the efforts of the Governments in the region in capacity-building reforms.

Indira Kaumetova

chronicle 2050

SMEs will make up at least 50% of the GDP

abour productivity will reach up to $126 000 and 3 to 6 y.o. kids will have 100% access to pre-school education in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan will fully satisfy its own market of POL in compliance with the new environmental standards

The share of non-primary exports in total exports will double and triple by 2040

Transition to Latin graphics will commence

95% of the population will speak Kazakh

15% of the area under cultivation will make use of water-saving technologies.

The issue of providing water for irrigation will be resolve

GDP per capita will stand at $60 000

The urban population will represent 70% of the total population in Kazakhstan