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  • Business Anti-Corruption Charter adopted at III Congress of NCE

Business Anti-Corruption Charter adopted at III Congress of NCE

16 June, 2016 12:01
Business Anti-Corruption Charter has been unanimously adopted today at the 3rd Congress of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Atameken in Astana.

"The Charter is based on the voluntary national business commitments to the implementation of effective anti-corruption mechanisms, based on the international best practice. The Charter is not a declarative document, the main social and legal political significance lies in the fact that the Charter declares the unconditional support for the business sector of the anti-corruption policy of the President and willingness in contributing to its realization", Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of the NCE Kairbek Suleimenov has said.

Meanwhile, the charter members take responsibility for compliance with established laws of conduct of business.

"The business community expresses the full intention to consolidate their intention to combat the corruption. Businessmen intend to work constructively with the government in eradicating the corruption. Companies adhering to the Charter undertake to be committed to the best practices of the corporate governance, provide the stringent measures to combat corruption in order to protect the reputation", he has said.

It should be noted that the Charter is open for accession by all subjects of the business community, regardless of the location, registration and activities.

"Allow me to express my confidence that the implementation of the Charter in the practical activities of the entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan will bring together the civil society and the state in the successful implementation of the economic reforms", K. Suleimenov has assured.

Indira Kaumetova