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Kazakhstan mourns over victims of terror attack

9 June, 2016 08:32
The shooting spree which occurred in several districts of the city of Aktobe on June 5 shocked the entire country. Four civilians and three servicemen were killed in this shootout. The law-enforcement authorities named the tragedy an act of terrorism. June 9 was declared the Day of National Mourning over the Victims of the Aktobe Terrorist Attack.

"As a result of the terror attack, unfortunately, there are dead and wounded among the military and civilians. They have families, children. I express my deepest condolences to all the bereaved families and relatives. I declare Thursday, June 9, a day of the national mourning for the victims", the Head of State said in a statement to the people of Kazakhstan in connection with the terrorist act in Aktobe.

According to the regional administration, the victims are as follows:

Andrei Maksimenko (born 1978) was a clerk at Pallada gun shop. His family lives in Aktobe.

Nikolay Onishchenko (born 1947) was a pensioner. He was walking past the Pallada gun shop when the shootout started. N. Onishchenko is a native of Sagarchik village of Russia's Orenburg region. His family lives in Aktobe.

Merkhan Tazhibayev (born 1983) was an officer at Kuzet Security Service, father of two children. His family resides in Aktobe too.

Mikhail Matrossov (born 1981) - Pantera gun shop customer. His family also lives in Aktobe. His son is 13 years old.

Sapar Dosbol (born 1997) was a native of the South Kazakhstan region. He was a contract soldier at the National Guard. Buried in Koksu village of Shardara district.

Daniel Mailybayev (born 1975) served as a senior investigator at the Military Counterintelligence Department of the National Security Committee. Father of four children. Buried in Almaty region.

Berik Kaliyev (born 1978) - Junior Sergeant of the National Guard, father of four children. B.Kaliyev was buried in Zhaksybay village of West Kazakhstan's Zhanibek district.

According to the report, the terrorist act was organized by the followers of radical pseudo-religious movements.

"Extremism and terrorism pose a threat both to our country and to the entire world. Kazakhstanis realized the importance of enhanced anti-terrorist measures taken by our law-enforcement authorities countrywide. There is no issue for concern now. Meanwhile, I am calling all Kazakhstanis to be cautious and firmly suppress any appeals to violent illegal actions and provide all-round support to law-enforcement bodies", the Head of State stated.