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Level of training in Zhas Ulan military school improved (PHOTO)

At the end of 2015-2016 years, the military school "Zhas Ulan" in Astana, Almaty, Karaganda and Shymkent releases the students. It will be the first graduates after the transition to the defense department management, the Defense Ministry reported.
Kazakhstan 29 March, 20:43

Every year, the republican military school receives 70 - 100 children from all regions of the country. "With the transfer of the republican military schools big changes have appeared. The activities of the school are aimed at training students, the quality of selection. We cooperate with different institutions and recently signed a memorandum with the Nazarbayev Intellectual School. The selection is held under the new rules, approved by the Minister of Defence", - said Head of Department - Deputy Chief of the Department of Education and Science, Colonel Begim Nurmahanov.

The level of training is growing every year. The practical importance of the educational process  has been increased, special attention is paid to the intellectual development of students.

"Since 2015 we have changed the admission rules. The educational process is directed to promote love to the homeland", - said the head of the Republican school" Zhas Ulan " Mr. Maikeev.

Today, many graduates of "Zhas Ulan" enter higher military educational institutions, are serving in the Armed Forces and other agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and other countries.