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Kazakhstan to celebrate 25th anniversary of Independence next year

During the solemn meeting, devoted to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan, President of Kazakhstan gave a start to the preparations for celebration of the 25th anniversary of Independence in 2016.
Astana city04 January , 12:38

"We have started the National Plan, it is symbolic that we start implementing on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Independence. I think it is high time to start the preparation", the President said.
The President noted that the history of Kazakhstan's independence is a great record, which is able to embellish the history of any successful modern country in the world.
"Nowadays it's usual for Kazakhstanis to share our lives for the periods before and after independence. On December 16, 1991 Kazakhstan has begun its entirely new history. We, the people of Kazakhstan, became the founders and pioneers of the Kazakh era of nation's ascension. It is the exact name of our precious time and all our great achievements", the Leader of the nation said.
According to the President, in 100 Kazakh ethnic groups, there are at least 100 special, unique features, and they all add up to a unique advantage of our united nation.
"Every ethnic group is our heritage. Multi-ethnic is our great treasure. For 20 years, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has successfully fulfilled the mission as a chief curator of this wealth", N.Nazarbayev said.
We remind On December 16, 1991 the Constitutional Law "On the State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was adopted. The country received the legal registration of the status of an independent, democratic and legal state, having the authority on its territory, self-defining and conducting internal and external policies.
Over 120 countries have officially recognized our country as a sovereign state. Kazakhstan is a full and active member of the United Nations. The country strengthens cooperation with the most influential international organizations such as the European Union, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Monetary Fund, the IAEA, the Red Cross, UNICEF and UNESCO. Kazakhstan has joined over 40 multilateral and 700 bilateral agreements and treaties.

Indira Kaumetova