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  • The Dospanovs’ Dynasty: one family – one profession

The Dospanovs’ Dynasty: one family – one profession

28 October, 2013 18:52
The Dynast is Koishybek Dospanov is honored metallurgist of Kazakh SSR, holder of the Order of the Red Banner and the October Revolution. His working career started, at Karsakpaisky cooper plant, and then he moved to Zheskazgan, where he continued to work smelter at cooper plant until the retirement. The Dospanovs’ family includes 11 children, 26 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. The Dospanovs’ are the true patriots of the plant.

History knows many examples when the profession steelworkers, miners, construction workers or farmers, passing from generation to generation, are dynasties, preserving the traditions of family and work.

"I am happy with my life. All my children have learned, received reliable profession cherished family honor, revere me as a father. Friends come to visit. What more could you want me? Plant for each of us has the meaning of life," Koyshibek Dospanov told of their working lives.

The man achieves something, when he believes in his power. Life proved that random people in the melting is not delayed. The examination for the strength to withstand only real men: hardy, industrious.