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Astana held ceremony of X International Prize "Daraboz 2015"

Astana held the ceremony of the X International Prize "Daraboz 2015" and announced the names of winners of the international contest of children's writers.
Astana city03 June , 18:48

The competition is dedicated to children's literature. Everyone could participate until May 20 this year. The jury received about 500 works in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

"Today is an interesting event. We are glad when talented people like Baurzhan Ospanov participate in the development of children's literature. This award is the X anniversary presentation of prizes. We need to develop children's literature,"- Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Muhamediuly said during the event.

Thus, choosing the winner, we considered literary and artistic merits, the sequence of exposition, brightness and imagery of writing.

This year, the anniversary ceremony of the prize "Daraboz" marked another competitive event - the establishment of a special prize "For contribution to the development of children's literature", which a famous poet and children's writer, translator, Muzafar Alimbayev was awarded.

At the end, the winners were awarded certificates and cash prizes. Grand Prix winner was awarded 1 million tenge. In addition, the authors will be able to sign contracts with major publishers.

Thus, the contest will release four books and one book that will be sent free to the school library.

Botagoz Aytzhanova