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  • 217 Kazakh nationals returned from China on Air Astana flight amid coronavirus
11 Февраля, 2020 11:27

217 Kazakh nationals returned from China on Air Astana flight amid coronavirus

The Kazakh Government is taking necessary steps to steer clear of the spread of the novel coronavirus to Kazakhstan. The country has a plan in place, holds talks with China to return its nationals, carries out medical checks at airports, and so on, Strategy2050.kz correspondent reports.

217 Kazakh nationals returned from China on Air Astana flight amid coronavirus | Strategy2050.kz

The country has adopted a plan in efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, says the Kazakh health minister Yelzhan Birtanov.

“From 6 to 30 January Kazakhstan has intensified sanitary and epidemiologic control at all entry points with China, those arriving from China are being monitored. The medical organizations are ready to receive those with symptoms close to the virus. Additional 4 500 beds are in place, as well as the necessary stockpile of means of individual protection, prevention and treatment,” the minister said.

The WHO declared emergency due to the coronavirus, he reminded.

The Inter-ministerial Commission to prevent the spread to the coronavirus to Kazakhstan was set up, which has an action plan. Kazakhstan cut passenger transportation with China, allocated the additional funds, returned its nationals from China.

“The National Centre for Dangerous Infections and the National Centre for Biotechnology developed a diagnosis system to timely detect the coronavirus,” he said.

Mukhtar Tleuberdi, Kazakh foreign minister, has informed that 217 more Kazakh nationals have been returned from China.  

“A letter on behalf of Kazakh President Tokayev to Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping about the country’s full readiness to provide aid in the fight against the coronavirus was sent. Medical gloves and masks were supplied to China as humanitarian aid. 83 Kazakh nationals were returned from Wuhan, as well as help was provided to fly out 24 citizens of the Eurasian Economic Union. Upon agreement with China 217 Kazakh nationals have arrived on an Air Astana flight,” the Kazakh foreign minister said.

In turn, Kazakh PM Askar Mamin has reminded that the country takes all necessary steps to prevent the virus.

“The Government takes all necessary measures to prevent the coronavirus. Kazakhstan has no coronavirus case reported so far. The situation is being controlled. The Kazakh foreign ministry should provide help to Kazakh citizens in China,” the Kazakh PM said.

As China is battling the novel coronavirus the number of those infected has reached 42 638 within China, 1 016 persons died because of the virus, 3 996 persons recovered from the virus. The new coronavirus has been reported in 27 countries worldwide, infecting 448. Two deaths connected to the virus were reported outside China.

Written by Adlet Seilkhanov

Image credit: primeminister.kz 

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