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Drums of "Zhas Ulan" school to open parade of troops on 70th anniversary of Victory

The grand parade devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War will be opened by pupils of Republican school "Zhas Ulan" named after Khalyk Kakharmany General of the Army Sagadat Nurmagambetov.
Astana city 10 March, 15:37

80 pupils (pupils of 9-10 form) will walk behind the banner groups, anticipating the historic and modern part of the whole parade.

The best soldiers of all arms and services of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, students of military higher educational institutions of the country, as well as all the weapons, military equipment and aviation technology will follow the pupils.

This parade will be the fifth and the largest parade of troops, both for pupils of "Zhas Ulan", and for all its members. Therefore, the ability to pass under the grand march together with our valiant officers is given only to excellent pupils. For the other pupils it is a great incentive to tighten their level of knowledge, discipline and drill.

Now the guys are actively practicing. They have completed the course of a single drill and already started training as part of a gradual ranks shakeup in a single box.

The upcoming parade is the largest march of the Kazakh Army.