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  • SPIID: 12 investment projects expected to be launched in Aktobe region in 2015
26 Января, 2015 11:20

SPIID: 12 investment projects expected to be launched in Aktobe region in 2015

While interview to IA Strategy2050.kz chief of industrial innovative development of Aktobe region Didar Borankulov informed the region works actively on creation and management of transport and logistics centers and a hub within the Industrial-Innovative Development State Program (SPIID).
SPIID: 12 investment projects expected to be launched in Aktobe region in 2015 | Strategy2050.kz

What projects have already implemented in this direction within the SPIID?

In this regard, Aktobe Center LLP has realized construction of transport logistic hub with an area 12 781 sq. meters consisting of three terminals on a basis of  innovation technologies, which  provide functional areas of technological operations for receiving, loading, storage, selection and shipment of goods, as well as ancillary areas.

Herewith, SHIM LLP launched transport and logistics center, vegetable terminal with capacity of 3 thousand square meters per year for the purpose of storing and sorting of fruit and vegetables. The project’s advantages are a stable year-round supply of the city's population quality and certified products at popular prices.

Another company Accent Logistiks LLP – plans  to  construct multi modal  transport logistic   center with  capacity  2 800 seats  including container platform  and storage. Thus , commodity distribution system  will  improve provisioning at own production  and import, tune up  market  prices and as a result of  trade turnover growth, the budget of the region will be replenished.

A transport and logistics hub is expected to be created at the international airport of Aktobe. Implementation of this project is due to the need to develop socio-economic infrastructure of the city, based on the use of basic competitive advantages.

What projects are planned to be launched within SPIID in Aktobe this year?

This year 12 investment projects with 15.5 billion tenge will be launched. Herewith 720 jobs will be created.

Among them: burnt lime production plant with  capacity  25 thousand tons per year. 60  jobs will be created (IGDANIT LLP); pasta factory with capacity of one thousand tons per year, 80 jobs will be created (NovoAldzhansky melkombinat LLP); expanding of reinforced concrete structures with capacity  250 thousand tons per year. 204 jobs will be created (ASBI SAT GROUP LLP); cilica bricks production plant with capacity  33 million units  per year. 70 jobs will be created (MIZAM LLP); production of longitudinal electric-welded and cold-formed sections with capacity of 36 thousand tons per year.  25 jobs will be created ("Kazteploenergomontazh" Company); meat processing plant with capacity of 6.5 thousand tons of meat per year. 88 jobs will be created (“Diary histories" LLP); production of emulsion explosives with capacity of 30 thousand tons per year. 15 jobs will be created ("KazTsKUB" Nitrohim” LLP ); production of initiators (detonators, wg) with capacity five million units per year. 15 jobs will be created ("KazTsKUB" Nitrohim” LLP ); rail-welding factory. 30 jobs will be created (TemirzholZhondeu LLP); bricks’ production shop with capacity 23 million units per year. 49 jobs will be created (IE Dingaliyev); shop for production of cube-shaped stones of different fractions with capacity of 720 thousand tons per year, 70 jobs will be cretaed (LLP "KKO Ltd"); shop for production of goods from wood-polymer composite with capacity of 35 thousand cubic meters of decking, 655 tons of window and door profiles, 14 thousand cubic meters of siding, 9.6 thousand cubic meters of picket, 15 jobs will be created ("SoyuzEnergoPolimer" LLP).

By the way it should be noted Implementation of nine investment projects worth 144.1 billion tenge with creation of 5.2 thousand jobs will be continued within the Industrial-Innovation Development Program for 2015-2019 years.

In addition, another 27 new investment projects worth 487.7 billion tenge with creation of 5.2 thousand jobs are under consideration to be included into the Industrialization Map.

Indira Kaumetova


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