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Conception of Kazakhstan on transition to green economy

6 September, 2013 14:11

The main priorities in the state’s  transition to a green economy are:

1) increasing the efficiency of use of resources ( water, land , biological , etc.) and their management;

2) the modernization of existing and construction of new infrastructure ;

3) Improving the well-being of the population and quality of the environment through cost-effective ways to mitigate the pressure on the environment;

4) improve national security, including water security.

The concept of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the transition to a green economy will be implemented in three stages:


- During this period the main priority of the government will be optimization of the resources’ use of and improvement of environmental performance, as well as the creation of “green" infrastructure;

2020-2030 .

- on the basis of the established "green" infrastructure the national economy will be transformed , focusing on the careful use of water , encouragement and stimulation of  the development and widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies, as well as the construction of structures on the basis of high standards of energy efficiency;

2030-2050 years.

- The transition of the national economy on the principles of the so -called " third industrial revolution" , requiring the use of natural resources, subject to their renewability and sustainability.

According to the Concept, the measures for the transition to a green economy will be implemented in the following areas: sustainable use of water resources , the development of sustainable agriculture and high-performance, energy saving and energy efficiency , the development of electric power industry, waste management system , reducing air pollution and the conservation and effective management of ecosystems.

Implementation issues of the transition to a green economy will be governed by legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Tools for achieving specific objectives of the Concept by sector are the current program with changes and additions to the implementation of the basic lines of the Concept , such as the Programme for the development of agriculture in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013-2020 "Agribusiness 2020" State Program of Forced Industrial - innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014 state Program for Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 , program development areas , strategic plans, government agencies , industry program "Zhasyl damu" for 2010-2014 and other sectoral programs, which will be adjusted and given new emphasis on issues such as improving air quality , waste management, production and consumption , combating desertification , land degradation and improving soil fertility , the development of fisheries, aquaculture and reproduction of fish resources. The development of the State program on water resources management in 2014-2040 is also scheduled.

It is estimated that the transition into the green economy will be further increased by 3% of GDP, more than 500 thousand new jobs, new industries and services to provide universally high standards of quality of life for the population will be created.